Day One, arrival and brief city tour on foot

Dear parents,

Welcome to the blog for our MYP3 camp in Basel (2017). We will aim to update and share the events of each day here for you and hopefully you can remain confident that your child is being challenged and having a fun yet informative trip to the lovely town of Basel, rich in artistic and design culture.

We look forward to sharing snapshots and snippets of what we get up to here with you.

Mr A, Mr RJ-N and Mrs G

First day began with our meet at the station in Morges….plenty of happy campers waiting to get on the train.

Then we hit the train – students were brilliantly behaved and we had a smooth 2 hour journey to Basel with one train change….and we lost none of the students en route #greatteachingteam #lucky

Arrival at Basel train station followed by a short 20 minute walk to our hostel near the river where we settled in to a lovely lunch before preparing for our first activity – an afternoon tour/walk of Basel town (old and new)….key word for our team #awareness (of those around them and of the roads we crossed en route). Again, students were very well behaved.

Lunch…..a very good range of food with salad, soup, hot meal, deserts and drinks…..everyone tucked in!

Once lunch had been eaten we took off on a small tour of the town, led by a tour guide, who walked us through the old and new of the area local to us. A couple of hours seeing the sights and ‘settling in’ to our surroundings. Students were well behaved….teaching staff on the cusp…. 😉🙂


Nearly end of first day and some delights showing…If Brecon Prior does this again (see photo below) we will bury him. Headfirst outside the hostel as a tribute to LCIS…he seemed quite animated by the idea. Excellent.

Returning for evening meal now and will update further later this evening. As it stands, this automata by Jean Tinguely sums up how the staff feel after our first day (joking of course – the students were excellent company and very well behaved)


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